Detail Information

CY-3 (Leg Iron Handcuffs)

Main Item
  • Model : CY-3 (Leg Iron Handcuffs)
  • Materials : Steel
  • Weight : 997g
  • Total length : 1,000mm
  • Feature : Double use for Leg Iron and Handcuffs



- Double Locking Mechanism (a double-bladed handcuffs)
- Double locking mechanism prevents the handcuffs from being picked with a pin and from external impact


- Weight : 962g
- Length : 740m/m
- Material : steel & Nickel Plated 

Conventional model are not equipped with proper pick prevention mechanism that prevent tampering with materials such as pin or wire.


The pictures above are showing that handcuffs made by other companies are unlocked with a pin. The full line of Yuil Handcuffs is the only handcuffs that are designed not to be unlocked with a pin or any other material. Yuil handcuffs has a pick-proof mechanism which prevents any kind of tampering.