Detail Information

M-09 K (Standard Handcuffs, Silicone Coating)

Main Item
  • Model : M-09 K (Standard Handcuffs, Silicone Coating)
  • Materials : Aluminum 6061
  • Weight : 175g
  • Feature : Aluminum Silicone Coating, human rights protections, Preventing an injury to the wrist, Preventing self-injury


· This item is specially designed not to be opened except by designated key because of its small hole.
· The entrance is designed for the materials such as pin not to be put because small gears work together
  with large gears.
· Backside is completely blocked and not available for the materials such as pins to be put into.
· Silicon-Coating for preventing self-injury and wrinkle-hurted (Brandnew developed in world market)




· Weight : 175g
· Material : Aluminum & Nickel Plated silicon coating


Conventional model are not equipped with proper pick prevention mechanism that prevent tampering with materials such as pin or wire.



The pictures above are showing that handcuffs made by other companies are unlocked with a pin. The full line of Yuil Handcuffs is the only handcuffs that are designed not to be unlocked with a pin or any other material. Yuil handcuffs has a pick-proof mechanism which prevents any kind of tampering.