CEO's Greeting

Hello and welcome!
I am KWON JEONG SU, CEO of Yuil Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.
Thank you for visiting our website.


Yuil Equipment Industry, which was founded in Seoul, Korea, is the company specializing in handcuffs, fresh, 3-stage rod, etc. and keeping up with the world market trend that always is rapidly changed, we are reborn as the global leader on police equipment industry through high technology and innovative management.

Yuil Equipment Industry, the leader in Korea police equipment field, has achieved about 40 kinds of domestic and overseas patents and also, we deliver products to national police agency, prison, Ministry of law that perform law enforcement and public safety. In addition, on the basis of the best technical power, our excellent products have recognized as the best and incomparable ones with other countries products in the world through developing its unique and first un-leased handcuffs.
We already passed strict inspection suggested by U.S. and EU through superior products and practical design on all our manufactured products and recently, we developed and released the first aluminum hinge handcuffs in the world, which is very popularly used.

By manufacturing human engineering fresh 3-stage rod having real convenience, our technical power is recognized and also, we are growing up as the global company in the world. In the case that detect on our product is found, we perform perfect A/S on the policy of lifelong warranty and customer satisfaction as well. Such customer satisfaction policy is connected to much more excellent service that customer expects, which becomes motive power for customer purchase and product quality improvement.
In future, Yuil Equipment Industry Co., Ltd. will advance toward the best company in the world as Korean representative company receiving customers reliance and trust like so far and through change and innovation and on the basis of endless technology development and transparent administration, we promise to you that we will meet customer with much better service and much higher quality.

We request you to have continuous support.